Picking up where traditional CRMs leave off, CRMNEXT removes complexity from transforming the customer experience across both assisted and digital channels - recalibrating the potential for financial institutions to increase productivity, profitability and innovation.

We have tailored our platform to address institutional, functional and role-based needs.

Choose the Edition that’s Right for You

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Smart Start

Level the playing field using flexible technology and CRM integrated with your core platform. Right-sized for institutions over $300 million in assets, Smart Start provides the foundation needed to unify customer information, manage opportunities and accurately track improvements in sales and service operations.

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Accelerated Growth

Ideally suited for institutions over $1 billion in assets looking to increase share of wallet and share of market. Accelerate asset and deposit growth, expand up-sell and cross-sell, and transform onboarding and service operations.

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Expert Enterprise

Maximize the potential for scale and efficiencies in larger institutions coping with the complexity of broad product offerings and distributions channels. Unlock innovation and productivity gains, expand self-serve / digital capabilities and transform your customer experience.


Discover How our Features
Benefit your Bottom Line

Work Simplification

Automating inefficient tasks results in increased productivity and simplified work design, so team members spend more time with customers and less time clicking through screens and applications.

  • Eliminate the need to hop between screens in order to service customer requests with a centralized Customer Action Center.
  • Free team members up to focus on relationship-building activities by automating routine tasks.

Two-Way 360TM

Team members can see a holistic view of the customer and also can complete service tasks and leverage data-science-based insights to increase share of wallet on one unified screen.

  • Get visibility into all aspects of the customer’s relationships with your bank from a single screen - including targeted offers, behavioral insights, products, service requests, documents, interactions, history and more.
  • Create universal bankers by equipping any team member to service every customer need from a single integrated application.
  • Resolve customer issues faster the first time with guided case management and complete customer information at the ready.

Simplify Relationship Growth

Data-science-driven, relevant, pre-approved up-sell and cross-sell offers enable any team member to recommend additional products, facilitating engagement and growth.

  • Combine the power of big data, behavioral analytics, frequency scoring and personalization to offer existing customers the products they are most likely to accept.
  • Leverage machine learning and intuitive behavioral models to design smart offers and workflows to increase cross-sell opportunities.
  • Create real-time, personalized offers based on purchase history, profile and customer behavior available at the right time to increase conversion rates.

Easy to Implement and Maintain

Codeless, bi-directional integration of all systems, configured to meet your needs, is faster than with custom code and can be adapted quickly for future innovations or regulatory changes.

  • Enable faster integration with out-of-box pre-built patterns.
  • Easily automate processes, create screen layouts and configure workflows without having to code using graphical design tools with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Auto upgrade to new versions without any need of re-implementation or migration projects.

Automate Lead Management

Ensure all leads and referrals receive the follow-up they need and don’t become lost opportunities.

  • Capture every lead and referral from all channels on a single platform.
  • Convert leads into sales faster with automated lead allocation, smarter pipeline management and configurable workflows.
  • Send real-time personalized messages and responses tailored for specific customer inquiries.

Simplify Account Opening

Reduce onboarding complexity, accelerate account opening and eliminate rework with automated processes and simplified workflows.

  • Determine the right product offering more assuredly using guided conversations.
  • Eliminate the opportunity for human error and need to re-enter info with pre-populated data fields.
  • Expedite the opening process with eSignature and eKYC.

Explore Key Benefits by Role


With CRMNEXT’s Two-Way 360TM, you can get a holistic view of any customer or product at a glance and take action – from a single screen. Imagine how easy it will be to perform simple service interactions with a few clicks, and no screen hopping or rekeying information. What’s more, our automation technology simplifies work processes so employees can focus on enhancing customer relationships.

  • Improve efficiency and simplify workflows with automation technology
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Decrease compliance risks; seamlessly integrates with OFAC
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with data-science-driven predictive analytics


Fragmentation, over-customization, and the risks of aging systems and associated down times are a constant source of pressure on already burdened IT cost centers. With system flexibility built-in by design, CRMNEXT reduces costs and minimizes risk, unifying all systems and applications under one platform.

  • Deploy on-premise, via SaaS or private cloud
  • Integrate faster with codeless configuration
  • Leverage metadata design to update and maintain platform easily
  • Upgrade to new versions in a flash with autobot assistance
  • Adapt for future innovations or regulatory changes codelessly
  • Enjoy a better ownership experience with high stability and more uptime


With increasing pressure to attract and retain profitable customers, it’s critical to execute laser-targeted, high-impact and insight-driven campaigns with personalized messaging across all touch points. CRMNEXT provides the automation tools to deliver guided customer journeys that drive intelligent and effective marketing campaigns.

  • Increase quality leads with business rules and machine learning
  • Ensure every lead is pursued with automated allocations, qualification scripts and customized workflows
  • Generate relevant, contextual, personalized offers (pre-approved when appropriate) to deliver the right message at the right time
  • Map marketing objectives to sales goals systematically.
  • Boost campaign ROI and monitor performance in real time with easy-to-use analytics and customizable reports.


Staffing, service quality and efficiency are always top-of-mind for those responsible for branch operations. With little time to spare, you can’t afford to introduce yet another system to deploy and manage. That’s why you can rest easy with CRMNEXT, because it integrates all other systems under one intuitive interface.

  • Measure and improve SLAs
  • Resolve cases faster the first time
  • Reduce system timeouts with a single log-in
  • Eliminate duplicate entry of information
  • Reduce account opening and customer transaction times

Meet our Product Partners

The Wolters Kluwer Expere®/CRMNEXT collaboration provides the compliance document management tools required to seamlessly open and maintain deposit accounts within the CRMNEXT platform. Through the integration, data is easily pre-populated across documents - saving time and ensuring compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.


OneSpan’s e-signature technology, OneSpan Sign, paired with CRMNEXT’s omnichannel CRM solution, enables financial institutions to reduce the amount of time branch or call center personnel and customers take to add products or complete transactions.