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How to Talk Finance with Gen Z

With 25% of the US population in the 18 to 34 age group, it’s critical for banks and credit unions to be intentional in planning for and addressing Gen Z’s unique financial needs and expectations.

On another episode of the Banking on Experience podcast hosted by CRMNEXT, Marla Fields interviews Bolun Li, founder of Zogo Finance, a gamified financial education app that pays users to learn. Bolun explains how credit unions can help the next generation become more financially savvy and can garner new Gen Z members along the way!

During the conversation, Bolun reveals:

  • The top three financial challenges facing Millennials and Gen Z
  • Why companies need to ensure Gen Z and Millennials have a “seat at the table” on the strategy team
  • Why serving community is so crucial for the companies Gen Z choose to do business with
  • Why it is so challenging for most companies to engage with Gen Z
  • How to build loyalty for the next generation of members by providing education on topics of interest
  • How banks and credit unions can grow membership among Millennials and Gen Z
  • And much more…

After chatting with Bolun, himself a member of the GenZ demographic, we’ve certainly got a clearer view of how banks and credit unions can best engage with the next generation. Let us know what you think.

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