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Future of Banking: Physical, Digital, or Both?

Recent events (global pandemic, anyone?) have been shining a spotlight on digital banking solutions in a major way. Financial institutions of all shapes and sizes have been scrambling to find new, innovative ways meet customer and member needs in the context of social distancing.

This begs the question – as things get back to normal, will digital replace the physical branch all together? We think not, and here’s why.

When it comes right down to it, people are, well, people. We are always going to crave that human-to-human interaction, especially now. Celent and Accenture research agrees that while consumers love digital for routine banking transactions, when it comes to key financial moments, individuals of all ages and demographics prefer in-person interactions with a brand they trust. That’s saying something.

People will always look to financial institutions for a source a stability. But the changing dynamic does highlight the need for banks and credit unions to up their game in providing seamless interactions regardless of channel. More than ever, it’s about finding the perfect balance between digital and physical.  


So, how can the right banking CRM solution help?

Whether used in-person or remotely, keep in mind the best CRM software will:

  • Help simplify work – for both team members and customers
  • Integrate systems to provide a two-way, 360-degree view on one screen
  • Automate lead management
  • Bring the focus back to building relationships
  • Drive growth without driving up costs
  • Ultimately, deliver on experience

The world is changing. You can help make it a change for the better, by providing your customers and members the best solutions available. Here’s to a bright future!

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