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From the Eyes of a Credit Union: How to Maintain Business Continuity

Looking for a better way to create business continuity?

You’re in luck! On this week’s episode of Banking on Experience, CIO Steve Ervolino of Dupaco Community Credit Union joins CRMNEXT CEO Joe Salesky to share his expert opinion on the topic. And, you just might want to take notes.

Some main points they’ll cover:

  • Commitment to Relationships – It’s what Steve believes has made Dupaco so successful through these crazy times. As he says, “It’s in our DNA. It’s in every discussion: What’s in it for our members? What’s in it for our employees?” And that mentality well positions them to view CRM software for credit unions and other technology as enablers – tools that help staff talk to people, rather than just staring at their computer screens.
  • Steve’s definition of efficiency – Hint: It’s not really about saving money or saving staff time. As he puts it, “It’s about opening up opportunities to have conversations instead of data entry or moving from one screen to another…When we can take processes that interfere with conversations away, that really makes people feel good.”
  • Steve and Joe’s shared definition of digital – It’s not just about self-service. It’s about how digital can support the convenience and care that makes it possible for staff to focus on the member, know the member, and have an efficient way to work on behalf of the member.
  • Our expert’s take on request management and resolution, as well as some of Steve’s most applicable guideposts for CEOs and other CIOs in credit unions– You’ll definitely want to tune in for these nuggets.
  • Dupaco’s next phase: Taking technology enterprise-wide. Currently, the credit union relies on different solutions for different types of groups and work. Its goal is to use the most effective financial CRM software to really “wrap that all together into one platform.”

Business continuity doesn’t have to be complicated. After all, as Steve puts it, “We believe wholeheartedly that if you take care of your members and you take care of your staff, the rest works itself out.” Here, here!

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