Banking on Relationships

Introducing a new video series hosted by CRMNEXT CEO, Joe Salesky.

Tune in with Joe and top-level banking and credit union executives from around the world for a first-hand take on some of the challenges these leaders face and how they handle them.

During the series, Joe will cover a broad array of topics relevant to you — including  automated case and lead management, system security when staff are working from home, creating personal touches with member and customers, communication from front- to back-office, and much, much more.

Episode 1: Peter Weingard
  • Joe and Peter discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the business world and how it impacts banks and credit unions.
  • Using technology for a different work week
  • The prediction of a burst of dinners, get-togethers, gatherings, and human interaction, post-COVID
Episode 2: Alex Jimenez from Extractable
  • Joe and Alex discuss static data and how to bring it to life with technology
  • Why some employees still use notebooks to take customer notes and refer to it later
  • How to create more beneficial avenues for the member to find value
  • Focus on reducing costs or increasing revenue by solving internal problems
Episode 3: Steve Ervolino from Dupaco Community Credit Union
  •  Steve brings to light the member experience
  • How to bring continuity to your credit union
  • They talk about CRM for financial services
Episode 4: Jerry Leisure Officium Labs
  • Jerry and Joe discuss the unique differences between the banking and gaming world
  • They discuss how the gaming world is paving the way for the financial world in digital currency and experience
  • Journey’s are deeper than what you see on the surface and the deeper you dive into how to address those the better

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