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3 reasons to choose a CRM built for financial services

Choices, choices…

If there’s one thing we have in this crazy world, it’s a whole lot of these – and that includes CRM options for your financial institution. But, keep in mind, not all CRM systems are created equal. Think of all the complex workflows behind many of the everyday member and customer interactions at your credit union or bank. A whole lot of CRM options don’t have the essential functionality you’ll need for successful implementation.

That’s where a CRM designed specifically for your industry comes in. It’s a choice you’ll be glad you made, and here are three reasons why.


1. Easy access to the right data and ready-to-use interfaces. There’s a very specific set of data your team members need in order to offer the best, most efficient experience possible. And it’s certainly not the same data you’d need in any other industry. Having a CRM that provides all relevant data on one screen – and that offers employees specific and relevant next-best actions, for example – is a game-changer. And the likelihood of finding that on a system notbuilt around finance-specific info is pretty slim.

2. Integrations that save you money. Data from external service providers is an essential part of many functions at your financial institution, and without pre-built integrations specific to your needs, you’ll end up paying through the nose for the necessary customization.

3. Processes built on best practices and the expertise of those in your field. When you choose a purpose-built CRM for banks and credit unions, you get a system that understands the workflows and types of interaction needed in this field. You also get access to the expertise from industry-focused experts and peers. This puts your system lightyears ahead of a generic template and makes it so much simpler to offer what your customers and members truly need now.

There are a lot of choices out there. But, when it comes choosing a CRM system for financial institutions, one built specifically with your industry in mind is a no-brainer. For more information, visit

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