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Integration Reliability Services

CRMnext has different mechanisms for seamless integration with various enterprise applications. It provides the CRMnext Integration service which acts as a mini EAI tool for scheduling complex integration jobs. Additionally, it provides a web service interface for interfacing in real-time with different systems.

The Integration Service allows CRMnext to integrate with external applications with ease and reliability, using metadata abstraction that are created as jobs which can be scheduled to run.

Reliable Integration

CRMnext offers a variety of pre-build actions that can be used in a job. These actions make integration simple and efficient. As integration designs are susceptible to changes on the modification of business flows, making changes with this architecture is much less tedious.

The CRMnext integration service is a powerful medium to integrate the CRMnext application with various enterprise solutions/ applications.

While configuring an integration job, we ensure that the jobs are reliable and their performance is optimized. For that we ensure the following and more:

  • The stored procedures written for the integration job are broken into steps so that none of the queries become heavy and take a large amount of time to execute.
  • Indexes are created on fields which are being used for filtering repetitively.
  • Stress testing is always done to test the stored procedure.
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