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CRM Readiness Services

One of the most important contributing factors for CRM success is giving a thoughtful foresight to the ground work that solidifies the CRM project's readiness capability. Our engagement team begins with a readiness assessment exercise called "Information Discovery" which examines the current CRM challenges in detail and its supporting technology. We help your organization in highlighting the opportunities for improvement and recommend the next steps.

Information Discovery

The Information Discovery phase is divided into five phases - process study, process visualization, reporting requirements, measurement requirements and integration requirements.

Process Study

The first phase is with an Engagement Manager and team of process consultants who study the business process of the client and determine the initial set of requirements. Based on interactions with the client's core team, our team creates the Information Discovery Report (IDR) that details the strategic overview, process summaries and implementation plan. The IDR also details the management recommendations, process statistics and integration work units.

A gap analysis is initiated in parallel, to identify the gulf which exist between implied and specified customer requirements and existing functionalities in CRMNEXT.

The Engagement Team then works towards a solution for the client and develops a configuration plan. This plan includes the basic setup information, workflows, screens and process scripts which are based on the process summaries detailed in the IDR. The plan is actioned to achieve the process visualizations.

Finally in this stage, a responsibility matrix is setup between the customer's core team and CRMNEXT engagement team.

Process Visualization

In the next phase, based on the process summaries detailed in the IDR, the Engagement Team initiates the work on visualizations in terms of expected screens and custom views as per the roles authorized to access the data.

A user walkthrough is planned to demonstrate the process visualizations after completion. The data validation requirements are gathered from relevant users and a sign-off is requested for the process visualizations. The actual implementation is started.

Reporting Requirements

In the third stage, the Engagement Teams meets with the relevant users to discuss the business reports that are required for the upper level managers and others. Theses reports are of two types - Designer and Custom.

Customers often have specialized management reporting needs that can be created with the help of our technical team.

Measurement Requirements

Customers have controlling requirements to ensure effective process management and reliable communication. Our team studies and identifies the escalation automations required and creates an escalation matrix.

Integration Requirements

In this final yet critical phase, the Engagement Manager along with Process Consultants investigates the business and technical requirements for integration to enable real-time information sharing amongst multiple systems. The details are saved as work units and communicated to the Integration Team.

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