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What are the features and objectives of CRM

Customer Relationship Management or CRM solutions gives businesses the ability to engage and serve customers with smart digital journeys with high straight through processing paths, built through visual designers and powered with big data and AI platform. Critical features of a CRM are as follows: 

1. Smart end-to-end digital journeys 

It provides an end to end straight through processing digital journeys with graphical visual designer sales and service process by weaving and linking screens, data points and business rules and continuous intelligence. Business teams can create these continuous channel journeys once and deploy across all touchpoints.

2. Multichannel Lead Management

A CRM software captures leads and opportunities through all physical and digital channels including branches, partners, emails, SMS, social media, self-service portals, websites, etc. The platform automatically assigns leads based on smart rules. All leads/ offers/ responses are tracked and synchronized across channels on a unified platform to ensure right actions, effective nurturing and faster closures. The platform takes care of lead aggregation, augmentation, deduplication etc.

3. Lead scoring for qualification

CRM system automatically scores leads based on multiple predefined or customizable parameters like title, account size, intent analysis etc. for sales teams to prioritize actions. Leads are auto assigned/routed with intelligent rules based on skills set and expertise.

4. Lead Nurturing

Users can set automated lead nurturing playbooks that execute nurturing campaigns like drip marketing, keep in touch mailers etc. at a schedule time to ensure consistent engagement without fatigue.

5. Seamless Integrations 

Pattern based integrations with multiple systems through integration touch points including SMS, Email, Authentication gateways etc. Ready adapters enables quick integration and complex integrations could now be done with minimal coding. 

6. Insightful Lead and Customer 360 

Thanks to valuable intelligence on demographic, channel preference, product holdings, interaction history etc. derived from insightful 360-degree views, users can offer personalized products/services, nurturing programs that translate to higher and faster conversions.

7. Guided Cross Sell with Personalized Offers 

CRM solutions displays personalized offers and insights with respect to customer profile through algorithm techniques like frequency scoring, whitespace analysis and utilizes guided call scripts and playbooks to increase the probability of conversions. Real time alerts from various systems integrated to provide event based triggering such as large deposits, channel usage, etc lays the foundation for building a meaningful relationship.

8. Service 360 

With the help of out of the box custom views that displays a holistic customer 360 degree view that included customer information, contact information, interactions, preferred contact channel, associated opportunities, service requests, escalations and customer history etc and provided real time updates and complete intelligence on a customer service request. Inbuilt template management in CRM allows service teams to configure plain text, SMS, Email, PDF/print, multilingual templates with mail merge functionalities that can also be used in automated acknowledgement. Digital journey designers allows users to create configurable workflows that captured all types of service requests across channels.

9. Marketing 360 

CRM software empowers customers to create and run campaigns with automated budget and expense approvals. Deviations were kept under control with real time Campaign performance tracking parameters like number of leads generated, cost per lead, campaign ROI etc. Dynamic mailing lists can be created with criteria like age group, income group, territory, channel preference etc. Users can use rich HTML templates to design focused campaigns with the right content and channels depending on the target segment. Integration with channel management system (CMS) allows distributors and partners to run custom marketing campaigns to their target customers. CRM Solutions also supports digital marketing campaigns over digital channels like SMS, Social, email etc. All leads/ offers/ responses are tracked and synchronized across channels in a unified technology platform. Moreover, a simple business user with average IT skills can design and execute the campaigns by using a drag and drop based interface. All marketing activities related to individual customers are logged in customer 360-degree view to give users an opportunity to cross sell/up sell with guided call scripts.

10. Digital Document Management 

Provides a smart Document Management Solution to manage and store documents related to cases. It gives the users facility to search document types through indexing, store documents in a user defined folder structure and supports generation of custom views for listing of documents. All these capabilities can be provided to the user via configurable Role based access.

11. Activity Management 

Delivers an actionable activity management for sales reps through its calendar module. It helps to maximize the scheduled appointment tasks for each day. It also assists the sales reps and their supervisors to monitor the planning of appointments/tasks/events on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Views can be configured with role based access.



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