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Insurance CRM Software

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Acquire customers faster with insurance CRM

Plan & monitor sales strategy better, move leads through the pipeline quicker,and cross-sell & up-sell effectively with superior customer visibility through CRM in Insurance

  • Set up sales to succeed

    Cross-sell effectively with Trinity Cross Sell Modeler. Never miss an opportunity to provide the right offer at the right time.

  • Manage Distribution

    Make intelligent automated lead assignments and provide context-based coaching tips for higher conversion rates.

  • Improve closure rates

    Move from origination to policy issuance on a collaborative, integrated platform with straight-through process customization with CRM for insurance companies.

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Maximize agent relationships with Insurance CRM

Track agent performance, develop strategic relationships, and increase loyalty

  • Simplify agent on-boarding

    With digital CRM for insurance ease the on-boarding process with 360-degree agent views, best practices, guided selling, knowledge bases, quotas and reports.

  • Transform Agent Sales and Service

    Increase efficiency, ensure consistency across your agents, and be one brand to your customers with omni-channel agent and customer portals. Manage collaborative sales strategies that are a “win-win-win” for you, your agents and your customers.

  • Increase agent loyalty

    Provide your agents with a CRM in Insurance for actionable information for success. Manage territories, monitor pull-through, and provide insights and visibility with real-time, customizable dashboards.

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Boost renewal rates

Run smart renewal and reinstatement campaigns driven by intelligent data in Insurance CRM.

  • Target the right customers

    CRM for insurance brokers helps identifying the right customers for renewal and reinstatement campaigns based on internal and external data and smart rules on an CRM for Insurance.

  • Intelligently prioritize leads

    Assign leads to agents or internal staff based on customer payment history and agent expertise. Ensure 100% follow-up on referrals and hot leads with escalations and weighted allocations.

  • Drive up closure rates

    Track cases to closure, monitor agent performance, and ensure renewal and reinstatement customers don’t slip under the radar. Use dashboards to encourage teams and know which agents are leading the pack with a CRM tailor made for Insurance.

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Deliver customer delight with Insurance CRM

Make policy servicing seamless with self-service tools,First Time Right resolutions, and faster response times

  • Provide instant access

    Allow customers to file cases, review status, upload documents, setup recurring billing and more any time of the day or night using omni-channel self-service portal and vivid journeys. Reduce call center costs and give customers what they need 24/7/365. integration capabilities to provide customers with consistently superior service.

  • Get it right the first time

    Empower agents to instantly solve customer problems by with a single, actionable 360 degree integrated platform, automated call scripts, real-time help, and an exhaustive solution bank.

  • Make policy service a breeze

    Set the gold standard for insurance service with a 360-degree policy view and automated end-to-end case management. Leverage existing systems through bi-directional integration to minimize data entry and screen hopping.

Rewrite the rules

Bring digital to the core of insurance
  • Help those who help themselves

    Create zero-touch, omni-channel, automated sales processes with intelligent business rules and end-to-end processing for instant sales fulfillment

  • Minimize time-to-market for new products

    Whether it’s web, social, mobile, or offline, discover revolutionary ways of taking products to customers faster than ever before

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What is the best CRM for insurance agents?

Insurance industry is highy competitive and it is important to contact the potential customers at the right time with right offer. CRMNEXT, the best CRM for insurance agents and providers helps in knowing prospect's requirements even before actually meeting them and planning interactions accordingly. Marketing automation of insurance CRM will enable insurance agents to nurture leads into customers.

Insurance is a highly specialised product. CRMNEXT's CRM in insurance can help general & life insurance companies enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenues by streamlining processes, improving intermediary management and providing actionable intelligence on a single technology platform. With its advanced integration capabilities, CRMNEXT is able to streamline processes, implement integrated practices and consolidate data across various systems (underwriting, claims, policy management, etc). It further helps in consolidating partner & customer profiles, manage referrals, new policy issuance, servicing needs and campaign strategies.

CRMNEXT analyses customer behaviour and empowers insurers to differentiate themselves from competitors and provide superior service. This helps insurance comapnies to improve customer retention and build customer loyalty.

Insurance CRM simplifies the on-boarding process and empower agennts to close prospects with it's 360 degree customer view and actionable insights. It also creates consistency amongst the agents. CRM for insurance helps in prioritizing leads and improving closure rates.

How to successfully implement CRM in insurance?

CRMNEXT helps you to address the following challenges:

1. How to effectively collaborate with network of agents and intermediaries to get better visibility of sales processes, reduce cycle times and prevent revenue leaks?
2. How to provide valid, up-to-date intermediary-wise performance data to help relationship managers drive revenues?
3. How to influence corporate buying decisions, while working to forward relationship width?
4. How to ensure optimal service quality to customers & intermediaries, across a multi-source eco-system?
5. How to evolve a complete 360° view of customers along with their policy holdings, risk profile, premium payments, claims history, to judge true value of relationship?
6. How to tap complete household/account potential to offer personalized products as per requirement and propensity using cross-sell/up-sell techniques?
7. How to provide proactive real-time insights into processes for actions, with intelligent reports & dashboards?
8. How to comply with ever changing insurance regulations?

What are the benefits of CRM software for insurance?

1. Intermediaries & agents management
2. Strengthened corporate relationships
3. Enhanced Customer experience and satisfaction
4. Improved Joint partner marketing programs
5. Cross-sell/Up-sell opportunities
6. Improved Efficiency, waste reduction

Furthermore, by using the Cloud crm for Insurance, companies can create a complete intermediary and customer 360° view, while automating processes across functions like sales, services, marketing and operations. Due to its unique approach and analytical capability it allows companies to progress their relationships, resulting in growth and profitability.