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Create Frictionless Omni-Channel Experiences

Craft customer journeys that can start, pause, and resume across any channel

  • Configure once, use everywhere

    Code-less bi-directional integrations unify disparate systems and automate processes in every channel

  • Deliver a frictionless experience

    Enable customers & bank staff to view data and continue the same process anytime, anywhere, and across devices

  • Reduce cost-to-serve

    Leverage the power of single-platform transaction management across all channels to significantly lower costs

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  • Zero Touch Origination Systems

    Convenient for you, hassle-free for customers
    • Lightning quick applications & approvals

      Deliver simple, fully integrated application processes to ensure customers can apply for any product, anytime & in any channel

    • Faster prospect to customer conversion

      Establish end-to-end integrated lead & referral process automation to convert prospects into customers quicker than ever

  • Transform Your Branches

    Convenient for you, hassle-free for customers
    • Create Universal Bankers

      Equip branch reps to service every customer need from a single integrated application

    • Equip Your Team to Deliver Results

      Enable real-time collaboration and rich customer insights from any device, allowing bank staff to execute faster & free up time for deeper customer engagements

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Be known as the “Bank of Service”!

Drive engagement and adoption, build your brand and leverage digital capabilities to deliver exceptional service

  • Empower DIY customers

    Deliver instant gratification with smart self-buying journeys, automated decisions & straight through processing enabled across devices

  • Service customers in the channel they prefer

    Access everything needed to service the customer in a single, integrated view across all customer touchpoints, teams and locations.

  • Service at lower costs

    Level up self-service capabilities & improve ‘First-Time-Right’ delivery with intuitive processes on mobile, web, and people-assisted channels

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  • Dial in customer delight

    Unlock the potential of call centers
    • Turn conversations into relationships

      Empower agents to know everything about the customer in a single screen and delight the customer with contextual offers and instant action

    • Talk smart, deliver more

      Equip agents to assist servicing, prevent fraud, and accelerate collections with CRMNEXT’s powerful automation tools and smart banker coaching

  • Usher in the Age of Smart Collection

    Use a dashboard to track in real-time, prioritize effectively, and streamline case allocation
    • Model performance

      Enable smarter performance monitoring through modelers across the collection ecosystem

    • Make Proactive Collections

      Use intelligent, integrated customer views to get superior visibility resulting in better & proactive collections

Equip your workforce to deliver results

Do more, anytime, any device
  • Single destination for all information and action
  • Improved insights, richer interactions
  • Real-time collaborations across teams
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About CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM for Retail Edition:

Manufacturing companies envision moving their businesses closer to their customers. For these companies to be successful, it is essential they have a seamless processes, smooth partner governance, aligned channel inventory management, efficient credit and debit authorizations, effective point-of-sale management, quantifiable metrics and profitable services. To achieve this manufacturing and retail companies often face roadblocks.

Digital CRM software for retail aims at catering to the needs of companies by transforming raw materials to finished goods for various industries like chemicals, construction, engineering, food and beverages, plastics, transportation, etc. It provides design registration and business opportunity management, quotes, point-of-sale management, claims management, price protection, channel inventory management, sales incentives and advance reporting on key performance indicators to take midcourse corrective measures.

The retail Cloud CRM software is also capable of integrating with vendor order systems, contracts tracking and partner inspections. Employing customer centric processes and workflows to monitor and assist your partners will drive profitable revenue growth. CRMNEXT is ideal for empowering aspiring retail channel stewards.

CRMNEXT’s CRM software for retail helps in addressing the following challenges:

1. How to have greater control over various partners with a higher degree of accountability and audit trails for monitoring them?
2. How to manage long sales cycles – innovation, demand creation, supply to market, fulfillment, operations and support?
3. How to comprehensively address time-to-market pressures by ensuring timely deliverables and mitigating risks?
4. How to reduce uncertainty while managing a complex supply chain?
5. How to reliably address requests, issues and complaints across customer touch-points and ensure fast, accurate and consistent resolutions?
6. How to effectively handle onsite/offsite repairs and spare part inventory tracking?
7. How to profitably manage assurance cycles – reducing contract lapses, cross-selling extended warranties and honoring service claims?
8. How to develop profitable relationships with suppliers, channel partners, service partners and customers?

Large and medium sized manufacturing /retail companies can benefit from a high-impact retail CRM system as it ensures the following:

1. Customer lifetime analysis.
2. Optimization for pricing and promotions.
3. Integration with loyalty engine.
4. Market Segmentation.
5. Case and solution management.
6. Analytics for customer satisfaction.
7. Centralized data for multiple campaigns.
8. Store revenue and profitability analysis.

Cloud CRM solution for retail not only enables businesses to attract, engage and retain profitable customers, but also successfully acquires and nourishes profitable partners. It additionally facilitates cost-effective inventory management, enhanced productivity and real-time pipeline visibility.

As a next generation platform, CRMNEXT creates customer centricity, strengthens partner relationships and implements best practices in workflows resulting in growth and improved profitability.

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