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Create Frictionless Omni-Channel Banking Experiences

Craft customer journeys that can start, pause, and resume across any channel with a unified Banking CRM platform.

  • Configure once, use everywhere

    Code-less toolbox for CRM in banks to create seamless one and done processes across all channels.

  • Deliver a frictionless experience

    Enable bankers to view data and continue the same process anytime, anywhere, and across devices on a unified CRM for banks

  • Reduce cost-to-serve

    Leverage the power of unified banking CRM platform with high straight through processing to boost first touch resolution reducing the cost of service.

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  • Zero Touch Digital Origination Systems for banks

    Convenient for you, hassle-free for customers
    • Lightning quick applications & approvals

      Deliver simple, fully integrated application processes to ensure customers can apply for any product, anytime & in any channel on a scalable CRM system tailored for banks

    • Faster prospect to customer conversion

      Establish end-to-end integrated lead & referral process automation to convert prospects into customers quicker than ever

  • Transform Your Branches with a Intelligent CRM Optimized for Banks

    Convenient for you, hassle-free for customers
    • Create Universal Bankers

      Equip bank branch reps to service every customer need from a single integrated application

    • Equip Your Team to Deliver Results

      Enable real-time collaboration and rich customer insights from any device, allowing bank staff to execute faster & free up time for deeper customer engagements

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Be known as the “Bank of Service”!

Drive engagement and adoption, build your brand and leverage digital banking CRM capabilities to deliver exceptional service

  • Empower DIY customers

    Deliver instant gratification with smart self-buying journeys, automated decisions & straight through processing enabled across devices on a imtegrated CRM for banks

  • Service customers in the channel they prefer

    Access everything needed to service the customer in a single, integrated view across all customer touchpoints, teams and locations on a integrated CRM system for banks.

  • Service at lower costs

    Level up self-service capabilities & improve ‘First-Time-Right’ delivery with intuitive processes on mobile, web, and people-assisted channels

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  • Dial in customer delight

    Unlock the potential of call centers
    • Turn conversations into relationships

      Empower agents to know everything about the customer in a single screen and delight the customer with contextual offers and instant action using a unified CRM for banks

    • Talk smart, deliver more

      Equip agents to assist servicing, prevent fraud, and accelerate collections with powerful automation tools and smart coaching with a powerful banking CRM platform

  • Usher in the Age of Smart Collection

    Use a dashboard to track in real-time, prioritize effectively, and streamline case allocation
    • Model performance

      Enable smarter performance monitoring through modelers across the collection ecosystem

    • Make Proactive Collections

      Use intelligent, integrated customer views to get superior visibility resulting in better & proactive collections

Equip your workforce to deliver results

Do more, anytime, any device with a change ready CRM for banks
  • Single destination for all information and action
  • Improved insights, richer interactions
  • Real-time collaborations across teams
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Digital CRM for Retail Banking

CRMNEXT is the first CRM solution for banks platform to roll down digital CRM in Asia. This platform facilitates a transformation that propels banks to higher growth rates. In today's financial environment, peppered with digital disruption, banks can no longer depend on customer inertia to retain customer loyalty. CRMNEXT's best CRM for banks is a powerful platform that empowers banks to provide omnichannel experiences to customers. Seamless workflow designers and intelligent digital accelerators of Banking CRM have made complex banking processes like loan application and servicing lightening quick. Ever growing relationship with existing customers and ability to onboard new customers seamlessly, brings revenue growth for banks. Self service portals of Banking CRM empower customers to select products as per their needs. Relationship dynamics are drifting away from 'inherited' relationships to 'managed' relationships, from 'physical' to 'virtual' banking and from 'branch' specific to 'anywhere' banking.

CRMNEXT can handle huge end user data base. Simultanously millions of bank staff members across various locations can seamlessly use the banking CRM software. Intelligent and innovative tools like David decision engine and Autonoma integration designer empower bank employess to complete the complex processes in quick time to provide instant customer fullfilment.CRMNEXT also provides innovative add ons like cross-sell modelers to show relevant product recommendations for customers and powerful marketing module to run AI driven target campaigns.
The most important thing about CRMNEXT's banking CRM is the unified platform to eliminte multi window hopping and thereby fullfilling customer's expectations of Zero touch, Zero TAT and Zero rework.

The key to a successful implementation of any banking CRM software lies in addressing the following challenges:

1. How to improve customer acquisition and reduce the lead conversion cycle in Banking?
2. How to create an intelligent 360⁰ view of customers that provides every detail at a single glance?
3. How to cross-sell banking products across multiple channels on a single platform?
4. How to assist the banks workforce in achieving higher targets plus improving coordination efforts?
5. How to converge multiple campaigns across product lines while providing visibility across channels?
6. How to pursue service requests or complaints across channels to ensure fast and accurate resolution with strict SLA Adherence?
7. How to reduce process cost and wastage while conforming to compliance and audit standards?
8. How to provide real-time insights with intelligent reports & dashboards for pro-active action?

CRM software for large and medium sized banks can offer the following benefits:

1. Faster lead conversion.
2. A single window access for all needs.
3. Improved efficiency and waste reduction.
4. Increased customer acquisition and profitability.
5. Enhanced customer experience & satisfaction.
6. Strengthened banking workforce management.
7. Utilization of advanced real-time reporting.

Moreover, CRMNEXT’s Banking CRM solution enables workforce transformation by providing data and process centricity. It establishes an integrated desktop with complete customer 360° view, while automating processes across functions like sales, services, marketing and operations. CRMNEXT is guaranteed to generate growth and improved profitability.

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