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  • customer challenges

    • Regulatory compliance: Complex compliance and on-boarding processes for corporate customers including data availability and communication to central bank.

    • Data accuracy: Multiple and disparate system for capturing customer information leading to inaccuracy and redundancy. There are complex validations involved while capturing customer data.

    • Faster processes: Inability to create escalation and alert matrix due to disparate systems leading to low accountability leading to longer sales cycles.

    • Reporting: Reporting formats were manual and complex with challenges including timely and accurate data availability.

  • solutions provided

    • End-to-end on-boarding process

      • Capture of initial customer information and automated assignment to operations for further detailed verification in CRM for Bank.
      • Inbuilt validations and data deduplication checks.
      • Visibility of status across departments for accurate communication with the customer.
      • Maker checker policy for authorizing data entered in the system.
    • FATCA and KYC compliance

      • Easy to use interface to capture customer information in Banking CRM.
      • Automated assignments, escalations and alerts for faster turnaround times.
      • Integrated with core banking, back office and third party systems including RLOS, AML, EID, T24 etc.for faster and smarter processes.
      • Automated calculation of review dates and reminders.
    • Accurate and automated reporting

      • Automated system generated reports with real-time and accurate data.
      • Capability to drill down and customize reports & dashboards with filters for deeper insights.
      • Actionable information for faster and effective decision making.
      • Ability to guide users on strategies and action items for better organizational alignment.
  • Benefits

    • Faster turn around time End to end robotic processes with inbuilt verification and validation result into quick turnarounds.

    • Hassle free compliance Integrations with regulatory bodies help in seamless FATCA and KYC compliance.

    • Faster decisions Insightful and customizable reports that are instantly generated help in taking quick and informed decisions.

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