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  • challenges

    • Account Opening Process- Complicated

      • Screens displayed irrelevant data entry fields, causing confusion and errors
      • Difficult to fully uncover customer needs at account opening, thereby missing opportunities to deepen customer relationship
      • No real-time updates for tracking leads and referrals
    • Difficult Cross-Channel Communication

      • Lacked the means to convey consistent messages across all channels
      • Pertinent customer information was not stored for viewing enterprise-wide, leading to missed sales opportunities
    • Lacked Personalized Service

      • Customer information was stored in fragmented systems
      • Bankers missed valuable consumer insights due to siloed applications
      • Lifestyle changes occurred and went unnoticed and unrecognized
    • Inconsistent Resolution Process for Customer Issues

      • Many maintenance functions were still paper-based
      • Unable to assign ownership for issue resolution, resulting in work redundancy
      • No means to obtain speedy progress updates for maintenance requests or complaint resolution
  • solutions

    • Account Opening, Thorough and Easy

      • Connects to information in legacy core systems
      • Automation of previously manual processes results in faster, error-free and compliant on-boarding
    • Personalized Service, The New Standard

      • Enhanced customer insights allow relevant, prepopulated up-sell & cross-sell offers
      • Bankers have up-to-the-minute understanding of all prior customer interactions without need to switch screens
    • Empowered and Efficient Team

      • Bankers can both “view and do” on same screen
      • Team saves time filling out forms, allowing time to build profitable relationships
      • Supplanted or integrated applications simplify workflow, increasing efficiency
      • Cross-channel communication is easily facilitated

    • Significant reduction in turn-around-time for customer on-boarding

    • Actionable insights available on a single click at all customer touchpoints

    • Zero hopping between multiple systems

    • Significant boost in cross-selling capabilities

    • Significant improvement in customer loyalty index

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