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  • customer challenges

    • Providing a comprehensive and actionable 360 view to relationship managers

    • Manual tracking of data and preparation of MIS reports with lag in data resulting in only a post mortem rather than timely decision making

    • Manual and tedious tracking of action plans using spreadsheets using data from disparate systems

    • No common system to manage opportunity pipeline across business lines & geographies

  • solutions provided

    • Relationship Management

      • Providing a comprehensive and actionable 3600 view to relationship managers by integrating with 3rd party and back office systems
      • With Banking CRM, RMs get access to rich, detailed profile and history that lays the foundation for a more meaningful, long-term business relationship
    • Calendar Management

      • Driving efficiency with an intuitive, mobile calendar which gives a quick snapshot of tasks, appointments, meetings, corporate customer news etc. on the go
    • Opportunity Management

      • Replaced excel sheets and trail mails with a convenient online system to manage opportunity pipeline & activities
    • Account Planning

      • Tracking budgets,annual plans and wallet share for corporate customers with CRM for Bank
      • Planning and managing execution of strategies to maximize opportunity conversion by ready information availability and collaboration on a single system
    • Performance Management

      • Catalyst Performance ModelerTM enabled smart planning and review of RM activities from a single screen. This could roll-up on basis of hierarchies & teams
      • Real time visibility of targets, action plans and achievements for improving collaboration and performance
  • results

    • 250% increase in opportunity conversion

    • 40% reduction in rework during sales process

    • 68% improvement in sales turn around time

    • 60% increase in average wallets share

customer success stories

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