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  • customer challenges

    • Customer coverage

      • Covering the entire spending spectrum with data analysis from portals like ADEX, Aircheck, etc.
      • Creating strategies to increase its market share based on seasonality, spending power and trends of brands.
    • Activity management

      • Planning and execution of effective sales activities.
      • Monitoring and executing relationship management to ensure maximum wallet share.
    • Sales forecast

      • Since Ad slot is a perishable inventory, pipeline visibility is very critical. Manual reporting and coordination on excel sheets in different formats made it difficult to have a timely visibility on the opportunity pipeline.
      • Due to limited visibility and manual processes coordinated on emails and excel sheets, getting timely approvals was difficult. This would result in loss of opportunities.
  • solutions provided

    • Customer Coverage

      • CRMNEXT created a single version of truth by integrating with Adex, Aircheck, trafficking system- wide orbit, plum, broadview to boost the overall efficiency of the system and decision making.
      • The implementation also ensures periodic sync with Adex and Aircheck reports ensuring all new advertisers are present in the system
    • Sales Process Re-engineering

      • Ensuring clarity of numbers with targets, achievements, missed opportunities, neglected customers etc. tracked on real time basis with the CRM for Media
      • Creating accountability of the sales teams with self evaluation tools for portfolio management, client coverage and wallet share.
    • Process Monitoring and Control through Media CRM

      • Created unified processes across department for rate approvals, placement approvals, network deals etc. to improve visibility and efficiency.
      • Established strict turn-around-time and escalations based on opportunity value, ad slot inventory etc to reduce sales cycle time and better pricing power.
  • benefits realized

    • Sales increased by a whopping 184% from INR 1084 million to INR 3087 million and operating profits increased from a loss of INR 328 million to INR 287.8 million.

    • Improved price discovery by defending price, focus on value selling and focus on leveraging network strength.

    • Call rates increased, number of missed deals has declined, average sales cycle time declined resulting in improved productivity.

    • Conversion rates increased by about 40%.

    • Significant increase in repeat business and decrease in customer attrition.

    • Consistency of information and response by various teams to any customer request across organization.

customer success stories

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