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Achieve First Time Right

Gone are the days of customers having to repeat their requests to multiple people across multiple channels. Now you can resolve cases faster the first time with guided case management and intelligent knowledge bank.

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  • Case Capture

    Capture cases from multiple channels – email, SMS, social media, mobile, online, in-person and more – on a single, unified platform.

  • Case Allocation

    Automatically assign leads to service reps depending on domain expertise and availability.

  • Call Center Scripts

    Use customizable , smartcall scripts, to make the service request process smarter. Enable call center agents to ask relevant questions, and offer intelligent solutions to increase first time resolution rates.

  • Call Center Management

    Enjoy outbound predictive dialing, inbound call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) along with context-sensitive screen pop ups, integrated reporting, and easy escalations.

  • Approvals & Workflows

    Design service processes including automation & approvals, and guarantee SLA compliance using multi-level escalations and assignments.

Create Service Champions

Whether it’s the call center, online support or email, CRMNEXT equips your service channels with the power to resolve customer requests faster and smarter. Aided by a unified platform, ensure your team has the latest information about the customer. Streamlined feedback management, a continuously evolving knowledge bank, and task-oriented training programs enforce consistency and superior customer support.

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  • Auto Replies & Templates

    Send consistent, well-crafted communications to customers with personalized messaging.

  • Knowledge Management

    Share solutions, tutorials and product updates with teams worldwide, create workspaces for critical troubleshooting documentation to minimize resolution times, and get real-time alerts on updates of existing information.

  • Feedback Management

    Automate the feedback process and get accurate and real-time feedback to improve the quality and effectiveness of service processes.

  • Partner Servicing

    Capture service requests by partners and automatically assign them to teams. Enable partners to maximize business opportunities and improve partner loyalty.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Create customized reports through a simple user interface while getting actionable insights into service rep performance with dashboards.

Empower Customers

For too long businesses have stood in the way of their customers. With CRMNEXT, you can now step aside while customers help themselves to your products and services on their terms. Create end-to-end customer journeys to provide instant gratification experiences that truly make service a differentiator for you.

  • Vivid Journeys

    Integrate frontend and backend systems with an easy-to-use visual process designer to create smart self-service journeys


    Provide customers with a quick and easy way to create or edit service requests, find solutions, and check status updates anytime and from anywhere

  • Cross Channel & Device Reach

    Digital experiences are optimized across all channels and devices, ensuring a great user experience and continued use.

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customer success stories

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Gone are the days, when customers used to stay completely satisfied with what was delivered to them by business organizations. In today’s world staying ahead competitors and establishing your company as a market leader in the long has become essential. Customers are more informed and constantly keep demanding for better services.

Knowledgeable customers would never settle for any Cloud CRM software that provides low quality services. Before investing in a Digital CRM for service management, there are certain key factors that they take into consideration. Customers are primarily looking for a Cloud CRM software that increases first time resolution and helps in resolving cases, complaints and queries at a faster rate. CRMnext’s service management tool was built keeping all these parameters in mind. It has been known across geographies as a product that delivers rich and receptive service experience.

CRMNEXT’s customer service solutions have helped service agents to a great extent by providing them with an integrated view of all customer information, including customer history, interactions, etc. Through coaching, CRMNEXT’s service management software has trained employees to handle more customer requests with the existing staff by empowering the customers with a self-service portal. The self service portal helps customers to raise their opinion, share ideas, and give valuable feedback, all of which translates into higher satisfaction and loyalty. Also, with advanced capabilities, the CRMNEXT Digital CRM software helps in capturing customer requests directly from the website by using automatic routing rules, which directs them to the right team.

Some of the advanced functionalities that CRMNEXT’s customer service solutions provide include:

1) Cases and Service Requests
CRMNEXT’s service management software, helps in monitoring closure of all customer queries, requests and complaints across multiple channels through a consistent approach for resolutions. It also ensures the effectiveness of case responses at each stage to gain customer satisfaction.

2) Call Center Management
CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM for service software, helps in managing call centers more efficiently and enhancing customer experience with agent productivity tools. It also aids in boosting performance using integrated dialer management and unified call wrap-ups..

3) Self Service Portal
CRMNEXT’s customer service solution, enables customers to search for solutions through a simple to use self-help portal. It allows them to easily log cases, review requests and check progress online, 365 days a year.

4) Social Connect
CRMNEXT’s customer service solution, generates support cases and requests by searching and monitoring for keywords on social posts. It helps agents to gain valuable insight into customer sentiment and act swiftly on customer reported issues.

5) Training and Feedback
CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM for service software, helps build employee competency and upgrade their skill-set by conducting online trainings. Getting accurate feedback to summarize the quality and effectiveness of each module is also easy.

6) Knowledge Management
CRMNEXT’s customer service solution based on cloud CRM, helps in sharing case studies and product updates with teams worldwide. It also aids in creating workspaces for critical troubleshooting literature to lower resolution time. Also, service agents can easily receive alerts on newer versions for uploaded information.

7) Inventory
With CRMNEXT’s service management software, organizations can track orders and procurements to increase warehouse efficiency. Also, they can purchase stock in advance by incorporating automated approvals to prevent shortages.

8) Contracts and Entitlements
CRMNEXT’s Service Management software, allows businesses to keep track of contracts' details to sustain business with existing customers in a competitive environment. Also, reminders can be set to prepare for upcoming opportunities in advance.

9) Email Syndication
CRMNEXT’s customer service solution, helps in specifying identification marks to ensure reopened cases are followed-up efficiently. It prevents third party messages from being added to customer data.

10) SMS and Callback
CRMNEXT’s service management tool, helps agents to effortlessly capture service requests and complaints sent by SMS and respond to them instantly. Also, specific messages can be perfectly assigned for follow-up by phone and tracked until closure.

11) Approvals and workflow
CRMNEXT’s customer service management solution, helps in mapping the complete service processes with automation and approvals. Also compliance of service level agreements can be guaranteed using multi-level escalations and assignments.

12) Reporting and Analytics
CRMNEXT’s service management software, allows the organization to get actionable insights into agents’ service performance with dashboards and reports. Also, ad hoc reports can be built with ease.

CRMNEXT’s Customer service solution is all about empowering service agents to provide superior quality service, across multiple channels. A unique combination of help desk software and knowledge management software, this advanced Digital CRM for service management, enables teams to handle more customers with an integrated view of their diverse information.

For simplicity, CRMNEXT’s customer service solution, contact management software and automated responses, generated using templates and self service customer portals increase overall effectiveness with minimal human intervention, which translates into heightened brand loyalty and better revenues.