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respond quicker

Capture every lead and referral from all channels on a single platform. Beat your competition to the sale with automated lead allocation, smarter pipeline management, mobile apps, and configurable workflows to convert every lead to a sale instantly.

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  • lead & referral capture

    Capture leads from multiple channels – email, SMS, social media, mobile, online, in-person and more – on a single, unified platform.

  • Lead & Referral Allocation

    Automatically assign leads to sales reps depending on product expertise and location.

  • Customer 360

    At a glance, get immediate access to deep customer intel, current targeted offers, and behavioral insights. Beyond the typical customer profile, get visibility into their contacts, relationships, product holdings, wallet share, applications, service requests, documents, interactions, history and more.

  • Opportunities / Pipeline Management

    Manage deals and move customers through the sales pipeline faster with automation, target and goal tracking & customizable reporting.

  • Quotations

    Design and create quotations using standard and easy-to-use templates.

customize buying experience

Beat the one-size-fits-all approach by crafting an unbeatable buying experience backed by purchase history, in-depth profiling and powerful insights. Leverage machine learning and intuitive behavioral models to design smart offers and workflows to boost your cross-sell ratios.

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  • Cross Sell

    Make personalized offers available at the right time, at all customer touchpoints to increase conversion rates.

  • Workflows

    Create smart, optimized processes with bi-directional integrations leveraging existing critical business systems. Use key criteria to reduce turnaround times, guarantee compliance, and deliver great customer experiences.

  • Business Rules

    Create smart business rules with a simple user interface to manage complex eligibility criteria, offer presentation, approvals, and assignments.

Make Sales a Science

Turn your sales team into consistent chartbusters with smart, guided selling inputs, on-the-fly coaching, and social tools to stay up to speed with industry developments, tips, and trends. Track sales performance in real-time, create customizable, actionable reports & dashboards, and plan with integrated calendars & schedules, so you’re on the ball with key metrics.

  • Sales Forecasts

    Get accurate forecasts based on current pipeline and previous trends

  • Guided Selling

    Boost sales effectiveness with call scripts, knowledge bases, and real-time system-driven help

  • Coaching

    Provide enhanced training for sales teams to keep them up-to-date with the latest industry developments and trends

  • Activities & Calendar Scheduling

    Unify all the members in the sales, pre-sales and other support teams through shared calendars

  • Custom Reporting

    Create customized reports through a simple user interface to get the BI information that matters most to your organization

  • Social

    Monitor brand mentions on social media to capture leads, and gauge brand sentiment

  • Dashboard

    Personalize your day with the information you need most into a single view

  • Sales Performance

    Set goals and incentives, track and monitor team member performance, and automate reminders and escalations to ensure that targets are always met

  • Competition

    Gather intelligence on losses to competitors, capture intel on competitor wallet share, and generate on-demand reports to pinpoint issues and adjust strategies in real-time

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Increase your sales at all touchpoints

Empower sales reps, managers, heads and professionals, with the power to get in touch with potential customers anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy shorter sales cycle with Cloud CRM software that offers superb lead delights. Own your Digital CRM to gain complete information visibility about your prospects. CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM for sales tool was built in keeping your business in mind. Our cloud CRM puts what you need to make your business thriving at your fingertips.

CRMNEXT’s cloud Sales CRM solutions have helped businesses map their sales growth trajectory upwards everytime. It is made possible with an  integrated view of all lead information, including interaction history etc. Through in built sales nuggets, CRMNEXT’s Digital Sales CRM Software has trained sales professional to handle prospect interaction, thus increasing their morale and motivation. Your sales team empotomizes what your business stands for and they imbibe a sense of credibility and trust in your product/service. Also, with advanced sales pipeline capabilities, CRMNEXT Cloud CRM software helps in allocating leads to the right sales member, thereby increasing chances of conversions.

Some of the advanced functionalities that CRMNEXT’s Digital Sales CRM solutions provide include:

1) Sales Mobility
Our sales mobile app which is based on HTML 5, enables you to pitch, manage leads anywhere and anytime.

2) Opportunities management
We take the concept that opportunities knocks only once, very seriously. Thus take advantage of each and every lead/sales opportunities with our cloud CRM for sales.

3) Sales Automation
CRMNEXT's Cloud CRM for sales allows you to automate your sales process, which increases sales cycle, without being  pushy and irritating.

4) Social Sales
CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM for sales always you to monitor defined keywords on social posts. It helps your sales executive gain valuable insights into prospect sentiment, take advantage of mutual connections and act quickly or even go ahead to create opportunities.

5) Training repository
CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM for sales helps build sales force competency and upgrade their interpersonal skills by conducting online sales trainings. Implementing a feedback mechanism to capture prospect feedback is super easy.

6) Sales Acquisition Campaigns
CRMNEXT' s Digital CRM for sales helps you to run personalized campaigns designed to attract prospects and increase conversions. Get accurate reports on whether your campaigns are bringing in worthwhile returns.

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