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Increase quality Leads

Tired of getting old, unqualified leads and having your referrals languish without any attempts at followup? With CRMNEXT every person in the company becomes part of your marketing team. Drive more top of the funnel activity with qualified leads based on business rules and machine learning. Ensure every lead is pursued with automated allocations, qualification scripts, and customized workflows.

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  • Automated Allocation

    Automatically allocate leads and referrals using configurable business rules, including location, product and expertise

  • Qualification Scripts

    Allow any employee to gather intelligence about a customer’s needs and ensure quality leads.

  • Machine Learning

    CRMNEXT’s Trinity Cross Sell Modeler feature analyzes customer buying behavior from data lying within or outside enterprise systems to generate relevant, contextual, personalized offers to deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

  • Measure What Matters Most

    Set, track and measure employee performance against targets. Identify conversations which actually result in sales and adjust approaches on the fly.

Right Message at the Right Time

Customers are tired of receiving out-of- context, irrelevant marketing communication. In an age where brands across industries are battling each other for mindshare, it becomes critical for you to execute laser-targeted, high-impact, insight-driven campaigns along with personalized messaging across all touchpoints.

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  • Targeted Marketing - Email & SMS

    Send real-time personalized messages and responses tailored for specific customer inquiries

  • Mailing List (Static & Dynamic)

    Create strong lists of leads that can be static or dynamic, with members being added automatically based on pre-defined criteria

  • Seamless Integration

    CRMNEXT’s code-less bi-directional integration suite allows you to combine existing campaign tools, models and marketing lists along with CRMNEXT’s social, mobile and behavioral insights to give you a new, insightful view of your customer across your enterprise and beyond.

  • Templates

    Craft personalized messages and offers with the latest marketing messaging to be sent to targeted customers on demand, in bulk, or in real- time during customer engagements. Ensure all emloyees are accurately representing your company brand.

Align with Sales

Eliminate any gaps between Sales and Marketing strategies. With CRMNEXT, you can map marketing objectives to sales goals systematically and close the loop between leads generated by marketing and conversions through sales.

  • Multilevel & Multiwave campaigns

    Execute marketing campaigns across all touch points with Digital CRM. Drag and drop interfaces make it easy to create campaigns and track effectiveness over time, channels, regions, etc.

  • Marketing Collateral Library

    Keep your team updated on latest material and information anytime and from anywhere by allowing access to marketing collateral that are stored in a centralized repository

  • Call Scripts

    Maximize your marketing investments by ensuring all employees can assist customers usingQ&A call scripts that are tailored to each product and process. Dialer/IVR Integration Advanced: Close sales leads faster with outbound predictive dialing, context sensitive screen popping, and integrated reporting and workflow

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Boost Campaign ROI

It’s possible to get marketing down to a science. By integrating sales strategies into marketing planning, you can trace sales revenues back to campaigns of their origin, systematically break down lead capture and conversion rates, monitor campaign performance in real-time, and recalibrate marketing strategies & campaign execution in a cinch with easy-to-use analytics and customizable reports.

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  • Campaign ROI Analysis

    Trace sales revenues back to campaigns of origin with real time integrated sales and marketing tracking and analysis

  • Reports & Dashboards

    Get actionable insights into campaign performance and build ad hoc reports with ease for smarter campaign execution

Add a touch of digital to your marketing activities and watch your ROI shoot up

CRMNEXT’s Digital marketing automation software solution enables organizations to augment their marketing efforts by providing more relevant and customized information. It allows the marketing team to manage campaigns and measure their effectiveness appropriately via a safe cloud CRM platform.

With CRMNEXT’s marketing management software, it’s undeniably nothing but the best.

CRMNEXT is the top Cloud CRM software that ensures marketing strategies work effectively by using smart process automations to focus on improving sales. By using knowledge management software, cloud computing applications, customer relationship management case studies, social CRM tools and much more, CRMNEXT helps organizations to streamline brand communication by delivering consistent messages across departments.

With CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM software for marketing, employees can track the progress and performance of various campaigns and ascertain which marketing strategies work, ensuring sustainable success. CRMNEXT’s marketing automation function also helps in creating custom documents and email templates, ensuring that user communication is consistent with the brand identity.

CRMNEXT’s marketing automation functionality has been acknowledged by customers all around the globe because of the competitive advantage it provides. Right from providing end-to-end marketing solutions to handling quality leads excellently, CRMNEXT has proven to be the market leader since the last decade.

Accelerate Lead Conversion With CRMNEXT’s Marketing Automation Functionality

With CRMNEXT’s marketing automation software, organizations can increase their lead qualification rate by spending on campaigns that work in the true sense. Automatic lead assignment can be used, to see to it that the right lead is assigned to the right person, with the required skill set to accelerate lead conversion. It helps in streamlining leads from multiple sources like; emails, website, phone calls, etc. to ensure that every lead is followed up on time and does not get ignored.

Some of the benefits CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM software for marketing provides include:

1) Campaigns

CRMNEXT’s marketing automation software enables to accurately quantify the number of leads generated from a campaign by merging or deleting duplicate records. Also, ROI can be calculated based on real-time details of opportunities from a campaign and the overall expenditure.

2) Mailing Lists

CRMNEXT’s marketing automation functionality can be used to segregate leads and contacts based on key features and demographics. Also, emails or export up-to-date lists can be sent to partners and agencies, with a single click.

3) Budgets and Expenses

CRMnext’s marketing automation functionality enables organizations to view consolidated information for all records related to a campaign. Also, marketing budgets can be created and expenses incurred can be tracked in a single platform via cloud CRM.

4) Email and SMS Marketing

CRMNEXT’s Digital CRM for marketing management feature helps to plan and execute high-impact email campaigns targeted at prospects and customers. Also, immediate personalized responses can be sent, based on the specific nature of customer inquiries.

5) Reporting and Analytics

CRMNEXT’s marketing automation software helps in getting actionable insights into the  campaign performance with dashboards and reports. Also, ad hoc reports can be built with ease.

6) Asset Management

CRMNEXT’s marketing management functionality helps in tracking purchases from the organization for all customers and also recording details of competing products. Also, insights can be gained on upcoming opportunities.

7) Workflow Automation

CRMNEXT’s cloud CRM for marketing functionality helps in mapping complete marketing processes with automation and approvals. Also, conditional alerts, escalations and assignment rules can be created for leads related to the campaigns to enhance efficiency and increase conversions.

8) Templates

CRMNEXT’s marketing management functionality helps in sending well crafted communications to the customers across all touch points. Also, standard templates can be personalized to include the latest marketing messages to ensure professionalism and brand consistency.

9) Lead Management

CRMNEXT’s software for marketing management helps in monitoring leads created through campaigns from inception to successful conversion. 

All in all, the #1 Cloud CRM Software, CRMNEXT’s marketing automation functionality will empower marketers to leverage the smart marketing resource management tool to manage increasing volumes of marketing programs, materials and assets. It is designed to provide businesses with useful insights into past performance, which in turn will help optimize marketing investments.

The advanced Cloud CRM software for marketing management will help in increasing organizational efficiency by aligning marketing plans with business goals to make the best use of marketing resources.

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