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With Mashup Anywhere, you can extract and use data from multiple sources, and integrate into single screen with an easy to use interface. It connects your CRM platform to remote databases or external applications for searching, fetching, validating and updating the external data or records.

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  • Fetch data in real time

    Get data from multiple external sources be it third party databases, back office systems, social media etc. in real time. Extract them using multiple integration techniques including web services, APIs, messaging queues etc.

  • Multiple display formats

    Mashup Anywhere displays data and information received from external sources into different formats such as list, form, graphs, grids, external widgets like google maps etc. This enables to present all information needed by a user on a single screen reducing hopping between multiple systems.

  • Easy to maintain

    Drag and drop tool provides an intuitive interface to integrate, display and modify data mashups on any screen including leads, customers, cases, campaigns, dashboards, mobile interface etc. This reduces time and cost to manage third party data displays by more than 70%.

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