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Take the guesswork out of sales planning and targeting. You can now collaboratively create a data-driven, high impact sales and relationship strategy along with the tools to execute and measure performance accurately.

  • Target Planning Model

    • set targets based on multiple parameters

      CPM assists you in setting targets based on roles, products, time period, channels, revenue, quantity and conversion rates etc. for in-depth planning and execution. These targets can be assigned at multiple hierarchies and rolled up depending on organizational policies and strategies

    • help sales teams achieve targets

      CPM guides your users in achieving targets by auto calculating the required number of leads, campaigns, interactions and conversions on daily basis. It helps to close the loop between marketing and sales strategies to maximize revenue. This information comes in handy for the daily work planning of a sales executive. System can guide with smart tips to boost conversion rates

    • convenient tracking mechanism

      CPM helps you to track performance at all levels ranging from individual sales executive to teams, regions etc. depending on the organizational structure. With complete visibility of performance, timely course correction strategies can be implemented to ensure targets are achieved and there are no last minute surprises

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  • profiting from customer lifecycle value

  • can your in-house system accelerate growth?

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