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Enhance relationships with physicians, KOLs, chemists, hospitals, distributors and other healthcare societies. Boost medical representative productivity and manage regulatory compliances.


Maximize prescriptions

  • Consolidate physicians' profiles into a central repository to understand their sphere of influence.
  • Determine physicians' product awareness, varying drug perceptions, prescription habits (Rx/ NRx/ TRx) and recent preference shifts.
  • Plan and monitor activities of medical representatives on daily basis.
  • Pinpoint decision makers at hospitals and nursing homes
  • Analyze feedback for competitors’ products and services to develop product strategies
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Key opinion leader management

  • Segment the KOLs on various parameters like influencing capabilities, soft skills, publications, etc.
  • Relationship strategies and activities can be developed on basis of these categories.
  • Quality of relationship which each KOL can be measured objectively
  • Huge savings with improved regulatory compliance.
  • Reduced time to market for new drugs.  
  • Feedback can be recorded in a systematic manner and used to plan future activities

Strengthen delivery network

  • Create a comprehensive view by profiling chemists, their consumption patterns and in-store competition activities.
  • Understand chemists purchase patterns, stock cycle and supply lines for accurate demand forecasting.
  • Engage with chemists and stockists to understand key influencers in their catchments
  • Devise collaborative promotions to introduce new products, build brand loyalty and strengthen relationships.
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Empower workforces for results

  • Provide a powerful 360 view including profiling, comprehensive interaction history and Rx trends.
  • Create efficient coverage plans for clinic visits with better calendaring and travel expense management.
  • Keep track of sample distribution and consumption by physicians to ensure optimum utilization.
  • Use in-built knowledge retention to combat effects of sales force attrition.
  • Utilize the waiting time during clinic visits by capturing competitor activities to build market intelligence.

Organize conferences with ease

  • Enhance management of medical events through collaborative planning and execution
  • Automate the process of sending invitations, confirmations, event reminders and post-meeting gratitude communications through mailing lists and templates.
  • Track the effectiveness of medical events and ROI
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Improve complaint resolution & compliance

  • Manage all adverse comments and complaints from retailers, physicians and hospitals through a single consolidated repository.
  • Implement multi-department workflows for timely resolution of service requests.
  • Monetize service satisfaction goodwill using 'Service-to-Sales' processes
  • Enforce unified TAT across processes; ascertain compliance and accountability by using escalations.

Reduce Training Costs

  • Centralize and make training programs available to facilitate self-learning
  • Create a secure single destination for all collaterals
  • Create an online knowledge base for frequently asked questions by physicians and chemists during field visits.
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Advanced Reporting

  • Get real-time reports across teams, products and geographies.
  • Move from fragmented to a unified multi-system collated reporting.
  • Establish an efficient analysis path using drill-down capabilities.
  • Provide actionable insights
  • Boost results by measuring and improving critical performance indicators

Customer Success Stories


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Can your In-house System accelerate growth?

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Is your customer strategy aligned with your customer experience?

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Profiting from customer lifecycle value.

  • CRMnext’s pharma CRM software is a comprehensive solution that helps pharmaceutical companies in managing relationships with physicians, chemists, hospitals and healthcare societies.

    In the age of patent expiration & pricing scrutiny, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly facing pressure to build stronger relationship management capabilities to help boost prescription share. Now more than ever, companies should implement a constant learning model which can identify market shifts and respond efficaciously, thereby increasing competitive advantage.

    CRM softwares for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences have evolved from a workforce management application to a more customer-centric strategy. Current investments in home grown systems and incumbent CRM vendors have failed to keep up with this new realization.

    There is a need to review these investments to ensure that CRM is more aligned with business needs. CRM software for pharma and life science provides a fresh way to look at simulating & managing growth. It brings to Pharmaceutical and Life sciences, best practices from over eleven industry verticals in one comprehensive offering.

  • CRMnext’s CRM software for pharma and life science helps companies in addressing the following challenges:

    1. How to quantify physicians' perception about drugs?
    2. How to ensure optimum utilization of samples?
    3. How to segment chemists and hospitals based on consumption potential and growth prospects?
    4. How to optimize travel plans for sales teams?
    5. How to contain training costs in the face of attrition?
    6. How to record competitor steps to build business intelligence?
    7. How to track and prioritize complaints, including medical defects?
    8. How to provide real-time insights into key performance indicators with intelligent reports and dashboards for pro-active actions?
    9. How to prioritize physicians based on influence & Rx habits?

  • Large and medium sized pharma companies can benefit from a high-impact pharma CMR software as it ensures the following:

    1. Segmentation on potential growth
    2. Track competitors campaigns
    3. Assignments for cases based on importance
    4. Prioritization of contact
    5. Quantify data for analysis
    6. Effective activity management
    7. Follow-up samples dispatch
    8. Knowledge management and training

    Furthermore, CRMnext’s CRM software for pharma and life science enables companies to improve sales force productivity and effectiveness by offering ease-of-use and convenience in scheduling and optimizing customer interactions and managing relationships. It also facilitates analysis of consumption patterns, integrates complaint management modules and enables complete tracking of complaints and defects to expedite resolutions. Together these processes enable companies to boost sales and attract better partners, resulting in faster and better return on investments with more durable relationships.