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With products getting commodities, banks today want to create a differentiation based on customer experience. CRMnext’s banking edition helps to increase customer loyalty and boost revenues by streamlining processes on a powerful integrated platform. It enables banks to transform from a ‘product’ centric to a ‘customer’ centric business model.

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As insurance products get more commoditized, customers are being influenced by multiple channels like comparison portals, insurance advisors and corporate alignments. Also, a large share of business is driven through intermediaries where information challenges exist for effective management. CRMnext insurance edition helps general & life insurance companies enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenues by streamlining processes, improving intermediary management and providing actionable intelligence at front-ends on a single platform.

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Financial Services

CRMnext Financial services edition helps to increase AUM by enhancing relationship with customers, franchisee and intermediaries to boost fee-based or margin incomes. It creates a holistic view of the investor to increase wallet share, streamline sales and service processes, reduce effect of sales team attrition and improve compliance to audit and regulatory requirements.

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Mutual Funds

CRMnext Mutual Fund edition helps companies to increase AUM by enhancing customer experience, streamlining processes, improving distributor management and facilitating workflows with 3rd party agencies on a common platform. It helps to create a unified view of customers, up-to-date distributor-wise AUM data, spot trends and ensure consistent customer experience across channels.

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CRMnext pharma edition helps in enhancing relationships with physicians, chemists, hospitals, distributors and other healthcare societies. It also helps in Key Opinion Leads (KOL) management by engaging with them closely for a specific role like primary investigators, product advocates, trials etc. to suit a business strategy and concurrently comply with regulatory norms

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CRMnext Telecom edition helps service providers to accelerate customer acquisition, improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue by streamlining processes and consolidating customer data spread across multiple systems. It also has powerful distributor management capabilities to enable seamless transformation from a product-centric to a customer-centric organization required to succeed in a competitive market.

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CRMnext Retail edition helps in effectively manage distributors, inventory, point-of-sale and customer loyalty. It can seamlessly integrate with multiple systems to create a holistic view of customers and provide actionable insights to boost revenues and margins.

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CRMnext media edition provides a smart integrated platform to boost sales by driving customer relationships, intelligent trend analysis on brand spending, wallet share, account planning and media inventory. It creates a unified view across departments like sales, creative, revenue, planning, production and traffic to provide an enhanced sales and servicing experience to customers.

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