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Increase customer loyalty and boost revenues by streamlining processes on a poweful integrated platform. Transform from a product centric to a customer centric business model.


Create single window access for sales and service teams

  • Generate real-time reports across teams, products and geographies.
  • Move from ‘fragmented’ to a ‘unified’ multi-system collated reporting.
  • Establish an efficient analysis path using drill-down capabilities.
  • Provide actionable insights to decision making.
  • Boost results by measuring and improving critical performance indicators.

Ensure faster lead conversion

  • Manage all leads on a single platform across various channels of acquisition.
  • Automate lead assignment to increase efficiency and reduce response time.
  • Introduce leads nurturing strategies using direct marketing.
  • Eliminate duplicate lead across channels.

Improve efficiency and reduce waste

  • Undertake hassle-free process implementation across various departments.
  • Build escalation alerts to ensure timely action.
  • Minimize process wastage using exceptional reporting mechanism.
  • Free up valuable time to pursue leads and grow business.
  • Get rid of cumbersome data entry and updates at multiple points.
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Increase customer profitability

  • Segment customers in value bands.
  • Facilitate strategic shift from ‘accounts’ to ‘value’ based relationships.
  • Run focused programs to improve customer portfolio quality.
  • Increase wallet-share by boosting cross-selling.
  • Use referral management to generate low cost leads of high quality.

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction

  • Collate and service all customer requests on a single platform.
  • Ensure timely resolution with multi-department workflows that are highly synchronized.
  • Ensure consistent customer experience at all touch points.
  • Monetize service satisfaction and goodwill by using ‘service to sales’ process.
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Strengthen sales workforce management

  • Set targets, monitor achievements and pipelines to undertake proactive action.
  • Get insights into team activities, ensure accountability and minimize process deviation.
  • Deploy structured relationship programs.
  • Use knowledge management capabilities to combat adverse effects of sales attrition.
  • Upgrade workforce skills using self-paced training modules.

Customer Success Stories


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Profiting from customer lifecycle value.

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Are your sales & marketing team missing their numbers?

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Cross Selling Models

  • About CRMNext Banking Edition:

    CRM for banking has evolved from a ‘product based’ to ‘customer centric’ strategy that helps manage the entire customer life cycle. CRMNext’s Banking Edition enables banks to enhance customer experience and boost revenues by streamlining workflow processes. This platform facilitates a transformation that propels banks to higher growth rates. In today’s financial environment, with the ever increasing competition, banks can no longer depend on customer inertia to retain customer loyalty. Relationship dynamics are drifting away from ‘inherited’ relationships to ‘managed’ relationships, from ‘physical’ to ‘virtual’ banking and from ‘branch’ specific to ‘anywhere’ banking. Banks continue to face stiff revenue targets while struggling with too many departments, systems and geographies.

  • The key to a successful implementation of any banking CRM software lies in addressing the following challenges:

    1. How to improve customer acquisition and reduce the lead conversion cycle?
    2. How to create an intelligent 360⁰ view of customers that provides every detail at a single glance?
    3. How to cross-sell products across multiple channels on a single platform?
    4. How to assist the workforce in achieving higher targets plus improving coordination efforts?
    5. How to converge multiple campaigns across product lines while providing visibility across channels?
    6. How to pursue service requests or complaints across channels to ensure fast and accurate resolution with strict SLA Adherence?
    7. How to reduce process cost and wastage while conforming to compliance and audit standards?
    8. How to provide real-time insights with intelligent reports & dashboards for pro-active action?

  • CRM systems for large and medium sized banks can offer the following benefits:

    1. Faster lead conversion.
    2. A single window access for all needs.
    3. Improved efficiency and waste reduction.
    4. Increased customer acquisition and profitability.
    5. Enhanced customer experience & satisfaction.
    6. Strengthened workforce management.
    7. Utilization of advanced real-time reporting.

    Moreover, CRMnext’s Banking CRM software enables workforce transformation by providing data and process centricity. It establishes an integrated desktop with complete customer 360° view, while automating processes across functions like sales, services, marketing and operations. As a next generation platform, it is guaranteed to generate growth and improved profitability.