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  • Cloud CRM Software
    CRM is all about amazing customers and keeping them happy throughout their lifecycle. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy to solidify relationships with customers. With high impact CRM software solution organizations can align your strategy, processes and technology to manage customers and teams & partners, efficiently and effectively.

    CRMnext’s commutable cloud CRM platform addresses and delivers unique solutions to customers,which will help them streamline business process and attain sustainable success. CRMnext enables organizations to fastrack sales, enhance marketing activities and deliver supreme customer experience. CRMnext has been trusted among thought leaders and have its customer base across geographies and verticals like banking, insurance, finance, pharma, media, etc.

    CRMnext helps sales and service representatives to concentrate on increasing customer loyalty and overall revenue. CRMnext is a giant step in the evolution of customer relationship management - a "true holistic picture" of an organization's various relationships. Information from around the globe can be viewed and updated in real-time via computers, mobile phones or integrated systems. Moreover, it has a unique set of tools to create alerts, enforcements, validations, escalations, assignment rules and a lot more.

  • About Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing is a model for accessing IT networks, servers, storage, applications and services that are shared with multiple users through the internet. It delivers cost-efficient computer hardware, software and services as infinitely flexible and adaptable resources. Popular software like cloud CRM requires minimal IT personnel and management involvement from users.

    Cloud Computing Deployment Models
    Through cloud computing, information can be shared amongst multiple people instantly, the need for carrying around physical storage devices, documents, catalogs, etc. is eliminated.

    Three cloud computing deployment models -
    1) Public Cloud: Resources are shared between multiple organisations, for maximum cost-efficiency.
    2) Private Cloud: A closed, dedicated resource made available to a single company or group of companies and can be hosted internally or externally at a third-party facility.
    3) Hybrid Cloud: It combines the public and private cloud approaches. For example, a company with an e-commerce website can use the public cloud to host its online sales and service, but keep sensitive customer data in a private cloud.

  • Benefits of Cloud Computing
    In the cloud, applications are programmed to fully exploit hardware virtualization for multipleprocessors, memory and storage devices that are connected to behave as one system, making it highly scalable.
    Data can be drawn together from multiple sources and distributed in a user-friendly way adapted to individual requirements through a web browser.
    Cloud computing enables agility on a massive scale. Small, medium and large businesses have opportunities to roll out innovative new ventures, without prohibitive costs, delay or risk.
    It is elastic and resources can be switched on/ off in seconds, empowering organizations with better experimentation capabilities. In the old model, future requirements would need to be thought throughand planned in advance, then new systems would be ordered and deployed much later.
    It is particularly beneficial for start-up businesses giving them incredible levels of agility and much lower operating costs, thereby attracting investors.
    Collaborations are more efficient and secure with a trusted third party running a closed environment from their secure data centre. This is especially relevant with sensitive or critical customer data is being shared between two organizations.
    An external cloud environment which is being audited regularly and subject to global standards and regulations will have higher security levels than at a company's own data centre.

  • Some of the distinctive advantage that CRMnext provides, which gives them an upper hand among competitors include:
    1) Sales Force Automation
    Sales force automation (SFA) module primarily helps the sales team to track leads and opportunities more effectively, reduce the effect of sales team attrition and monitor the performance of the sales team. More sophisticated Cloud CRM Softwares usually include functionality to track and forecast sales, generate quotes and automate workflow, while allowing sales team members to maintain records on every stage of interaction with a client. Actually, the SFA module offers more advanced contact management functionality that can help increase sales without expanding the sales team and optimise overall sales process if used in an effective way. This includes leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, followups, appointments, tasks etc. 2) Customer Service Management
    A core customer service module facilitates customer support services in order to enhance customer satisfaction with products and services provided by a vendor. Solving client problems is essential in any business; many CRM solutions, especially inexpensive ones and freeware, do not offer suitable solutions to adequately solve customer problems. Taking full advantage of customer support functionality means that an enterprise should carefully research all available options in the market and select a Cloud CRM solution that is highly configurable and has the ability to integrate with other systems to fulfill its requirements.
    3) Marketing Automation
    Marketing module forms an essential part of Cloud CRM software functionality. A marketing module should be able to provide tools for identifying prospective customers, targeting existing and potential clients, and executing successful marketing campaigns. A core functionality of this module should offer possibility to track and measure marketing campaigns through various channels like email, social media, direct mail and tele-calling. Integrated marketing module with sales module can help the sales team to follow-up the leads generated more promptly and help increase the ROI of the campaign.

  • 4) Reporting and Analytical CRM
    Salesforce automation, marketing and customer service modules are quite ineffective without built-in analytical tools. Some advanced Cloud CRM software offer very powerful tools to analyze data and forecast trends. Predictive analytics is already embedded in inexpensive and freeware CRM solutions and is widely used to forecast and improve market segmentation and targeting. In a constantly expanding online business environment, enterprises are forced to shift to Web 2.0 marketing and sales techniques; therefore, Web 2.0 analytics tools enjoy greater attention in more recent versions of most CRM solutions.
    5) Collaborative CRM
    A fully-functional collaboration module in a CRM system can help in efficient task allocation and communication management between sales, marketing, customer service and customers. A powerful CRM software should provide extended built-in collaboration tools, supporting large number of users and allowing the use of various third-party platforms like twitter, facebook, linkedin etc. to be used within the CRM solution.
    CRMnext has been carefully designed keeping all the above parameters in mind. This is exactly why, CRMnext has been accepted by top clients globally.In a nutshell, CRMnext is flexible and ensures future-proof solutions are incorporated for optimizing business strategy and increasing customer lifecycle value. It helps in transforming business by creating successful collaborative products, increasing customer advocacy and directly impacting bottom line revenues.